I have always been passionate about dogs. As a young girl, I would ride long distances on my bicycle to attend shows in our local area.

In those days, I loved all dogs, with a special affection for the sporting breeds. Over the course of growing up, my family had numerous “spaniel” crosses that were loving companions and important members of our household.

Classique Poodles - About Us

In my early 30’s, I had several friends that were veterinarians. They talked me into buying my first standard poodle. They said they were wonderful animals, that had never become popular and spoiled by “fad” breeding.

We bought “Hopi”, a little black, 2 year old standard poodle in 1988. Hopi was definitely not show quality, but she certainly was a character.

Early on, I had difficulty saying the word “poodle” with all the negative, silly stereotypes that went with it. I would blithely tell anyone who asked, that I had a “standard”, with the inevitable come-back of “standard what?” Hopi taught me to say “poodle” with enthusiasm and pride.

We had the privilege of spending 11 years with Hopi. She taught us all the fundamentals of living with poodles; their joy of life, their enthusiasm, their amazing athletic abilities, their unparalleled intelligence and affection and most importantly of all… their unique poodle sense of humour.

Hopi ignited the spark that has become a passion for my husband, Marc, and myself.

Thank you, Hopi! We’ll be forever grateful to you for our love of these wonderful animals.

Classique Poodles - About Us